there was peace

There was predation, yes,
and pain, but the world lacked the
torture, murder, and blatant selfishness
that only the human animal
brings to the proverbial table.

Before people, there was nature.
Back when ever-expanding cities
(who now bulldoze all
that stands in their way)
weren’t even a thought. Weren’t presumed
the necessity (to whom?) that they now are.
The natural world was unscathed by our
greed, our endless capacity for destruction.

Before men and women, there were animals,
now long since deceased. Our thoughtless
actions the direct cause of their species
We don’t notice, refuse to open our
eyes, as long as their absence
doesn’t affect our standard of living.

The world was far better off

One thought on “B.H.

  1. A strong and moving point well made throughout this poem; the world was, indeed, much better off before us, wasn’t it? The strength of this message lies in the control of the imagery – gradually building up – until the tiny phrases (and query) at the end which really pack a punch.

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