Poem 7

Chapter 7: Rescue


No sailors stumble off battered boats

To fall into lovers’ arms – not today.

I didn’t believe I would see him.


Another year – empty docks, another winter coming –

My only wish – that he is still alive somewhere –

How vain? How selfish?

Perhaps he is better off dead.


Walk home in the dark,

Moonlight flickers,

Torchlight flickers,

Strange shapes hang from trees –

Giant fish strung up to bleed.

No, humans. No, something like.


Three bodies swing in darkness.

Blood pools beneath in black stains.

Giant wings drape from their backs like grace



One of these creatures, these men, is still alive.

Cut him down, catch his heavy body falling.

Help, but help hurts.


A night of care

A gift of thanks: a necklace like a rose

Delivered by his mysterious companions,

A promise of help in dire times –

Just call.



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