The Kiss That Never Was

I was lying on the ground

My head in his lap.

Dazzled by his smile

I felt such bliss.


Someone uttered “Give him a kiss!”

And his eyes twinkled down at me;

That mischievous grin

that was always at the ready


I leaned up

Smooched him on the cheek.

“Aww.  Come on!” the others muttered,

And Bruce devilishly agreed.


He leaned his lips into mine

His beard scratchy against my face.

He kissed me like he meant it

And the crowd cheered.


Bruce Willis, you handsome fella

I believe you made me blush.

Even now as I recall that moment

My heart smiles in fondness for you.


I don’t know 

What would have happened next

Had I not awakened.

But sometimes . . . I wonder.


2 thoughts on “The Kiss That Never Was

  1. I really wanted what was next- happens to me all the time. Lovely poem.

    Give mine a read if you like. Not so much grammar and spelling but stuff you really connect with. Thanks!

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