A pinch of me(a collage of all images).

A silly fool’s foolish heart carved; thoughts often scattered, but never torn apart.

Narcissism, the bearable kind;
a relatively non-foggy intelligent mind.
Sunshine both from the morn and noon, twilight hues and not a minute too soon.

Drizzles, downpours, floods and fall, drench my soul, they take my all,with an umbrella in hand.

Trees greet each other;
Moonlight and stars;
of course all the cliched romance of Venus with Mars.

Music better be, the soul stirring kind,
to trigger memories that are often hard to find.
No dearth of giggles and tears,
nothing to hide, the laughter or the fears.
A girl first, a woman always, so many roles,
so many masks with grace.

Mountains gray, dreams of gold,
growing up a lot harder than simply growing old.
Drops of dew; a morning anew, take my hand,
let’s leave footprints in the sand.
Living moments, far and few, complete with a pinch of me, incomplete without pinch of you…

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