Poem No. 8. Nature Heals

Nature Heals

We do not know enough
About how nature heals
Trees protect our climate
Give us life and new cures
We are still ignorant of truths
Such as photo-synthesis
It shows us trees talking to trees
Warning them about disease
To stay healthy and safe.

When a tree is hit by lightening
It feels the trauma and it’s body
Shakes and shivers, feels the pain
Let us preserve trees, they are life
Let us nurture them and hold them
And hug them and respect them
They have much to give and teach us.

One thought on “Poem No. 8. Nature Heals

  1. I love trees, and your poem’s theme resonates with me. I love the notion of the tree shaking and shivering with trauma. Yew trees were in one of your other poems and they help cancer patients. So much to be revered for…

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