For twenty one, we must return

to my thirteenth year

where a boy noticed me in passing.


It was sheer luck we were there

in the same room, at the same time

at Kennedy Space Center.


On vacation with our respective families,

we had come from vastly different worlds.

He was born in Detroit the year before I was born in Atlanta.


There was never a reason or even the probability

that our paths would ever cross,

but fate had made other plans for us.


At twenty-one, I walked into my best friend’s house

and there he sat at her table

eating bacon and smiling as if he knew me.


It took us many years to figure out why we felt we’d met before

but it only took two years to know that

we were much more than friends.


He was all I’d ever dreamed about,

all my fantasies given life.

I never knew what he saw in me but I’m glad he did.


From our first kiss in October

to our marriage in January,

I knew I had my Prince Charming.


Next January will be thirty-one years

spent with the love of my heart.

God brought us together and together we will stay.


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