TWENTY-THREE (sestina)

The dreams I’ve had all my life came true today.

I married the man on whom I have waited.

We went before a judge and stood together.

We held hands, spoke our vows, and pledged forever.

So nervous that day, I hardly remember.

My sister and his friend witnessed us say yes.


Every part of me leapt forward to say yes.

The love we had then has lasted to this day.

If times get hard, we only need remember

How much we loved each other then and waited

To become one flesh and be that forever.

Nothing more we want than being together.


When two people want to join together,

My advice to you both, before you say yes…

Be friends first until it feels like forever,

At the same time, it feels like you met today.

When you say yes, you’ll be glad that you waited

And make that first night, a night to remember.


When you are old and sit back to remember,

In your rocking chairs, clasping hands together,

Of the times you went, of the times you waited,

Of the times you said no, and when you said yes,

Of all that you’ve done that brought you to today,

You know that you are on the way to forever.


Along the road to the goal of forever,

There are some things you must always remember.

Don’t sleep with your anger, make things right today.

Don’t go alone when you can go together.

Don’t give them a “no” when your partner needs “yes”.

Don’t hurry them up when you could have waited.


Rejoice in the decision when you waited.

You know you had the rest of forever.

All the times of your life, you can say yes.

Always hold on to it, always remember

You made the choice to walk through life together.

Be it yesterday, tomorrow, or today.


If you wish you had not waited, remember,

You can live all your forever together.

You can always say yes to your love today.

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