Don’t leave me

The challenge that everyone does because of the boredom corona has caused

I once asked mother nature why has thou afflicted us with such a curse and she said you never have time for yourself nor your loved ones the only you all care about is money

You even neglected me when last was i trimmed, well taken care of and fed with manure, when last did you call to check up on your loved ones

Sorry for those whose lives will be lost it wasn’t by my hand but y’all are unyielding are sometimes it takes a very disastrous circumstance for you to start caring about one another

After all families can be together and enjoy their parents, children can be at home and be loved by their instead of hearing the lashes of canes daily

Also don’t leave me it’s all about how good your rhyme is

Some say i went to check the master piss (master piece)this brought so many laughter to people’s face as they shouted don’t leave me

She brought it to tell us even when this period is over we shouldn’t neglect our loved ones and also care for everyone and everything from the plants to animals to the neighbours, our children and e

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