Tales of the future past

They tell you we are the future of tomorrow but what does tomorrow hold for us seeing our the present is a mess

They tell you to build and improve on your father’s legacy but there’s nothing to improve we need to start afresh from the roots

The root of the problem call it corruption, call it egocentrism anyone you feel like it all comes to one thing how heart and mind everyone cares for themselves and not about building a nation whereby even the least person can have a say or at least afford three square meals a day

Mother nature looks at us with tears in our eyes as how much we hate ourselves and also ruin the planet

We kill beautiful animals and when they are about to get extinct we start looking for a way to stop it, it’s always said that prevention is better than cure

But our hearts have become hard and won’t break or yield to the pleas and the warnings of the news

Seeing the statistics we call it all bunch of lies and just mere figures not knowing they are people trying to save earth and our lives but we keep pollution and endangering species calling them nothing other than food

It’s a pandemic they call corona but the pleas of social distancing has fallen on deaf ears as some make mockery of it saying that it’s all a sham and they are toying with us

We are behaving like Caesar allowing our wisdom (foolishness) to be consumed with confidence

I hope it won’t be too late as we say had i known before we act

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