Tick Tock

Tick tock says the clock as time waits for no man.                                                                      They advice to do our things early, when we are young and full of energy and vigour.        The road to success is narrow and extremely painful put the joy and pleasant surprises that come after will last a lifetime.  Hard work doesn’t kill, it only makes you stronger and you gain more experience as you do it yourself.                                                Some people are in need of motivators people who will tell them how to live their life and how they are to go about doing things.                                                                    But truth be told how many times will you breast fed go out of your comfort zone and work  hard to get what you truly desire            why must you be nonchalant??                        Where is the fire in your spirit the ones that motivated your ancestors to build a name for themselves, the one that made them toil hard and cast away any distraction that was bent on them not achieving their goal.            You must pave a way for yourself and your children because you’re enjoying the benefits and hard work of your fathers.        Life is like a relay race at every time somebody is with the baton running so the question is how much effort are you putting to set a great pace for the upcoming ones to beat.                                                                      Life is a competition but the difference is that everyone can be a winner you just have to be determined and choose what you want to be either a leader or a follower, the head or tail, a winner or loser it’s all up to you.

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