Hour 19: Realisation

I’ve been running this far,
I should not give up,
I’ve been running this far,
I am asking myself,
What’s for?

An over-thinker yet ambitious
A woman who wants to be independent
Yet insecure

It’s normal,
It’s normal,
You don’t have to be okay everyday
Just live your life,
Achieve your goal,

Yes, I have some goals,
I know the reason why I am alive,
To serve my Creator,
To spread love,

Now I am not at the place I’ve been dreaming
I am on the way to it, I am in transit,
To prepare myself,
For other challenges and  step of my life,

I am an idealistic
I am a reble
I love to travel
I am thirst of more
I am eager to explore
When the time is right, when the time is right

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