Picture prompt


A place or feeling

To many it could be both,

We want to have serutiry

We all want to know.

Some crave to have enernity

To save cherish our lives,

Some crave it to take care

Of our children or wife’s.


There is a place called eternity

A light will show your way,

You can go in and keep to yourself

Or to people watch or even to pray.

People come to this place to loose

Themselves inside this place,

We all want that place where inside

We can let loose some way.


Eternity a place where we can

Be sure and unsure,

Thinking we know what we want

Money or a forever cure,

To help people that love us

As we love them so,

We want to know for eternity

Our families are safe as they grow.


So come with me to eternity

Follow our dreams,

Let’s go let loose

Talk quiet or scream,

Follow me to a place where

We are free,

Inside this place you can find you

And I may find me.


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