Gift of Life

my mom-mom has a gift waiting for me
of a Christmas cactus
her daughter told her
about my growing plant collection
so she took a cutting
from her own mother plant
to give to me
when next we meet
I cannot go to get it
while the virus rages on
one little piece of cactus
isn’t worth the risk
she has survived
past childhood (several siblings didn’t)
through cancer and the toxic treatment
I would give all my leafy children
plus some hundred more
so that this, too,
she strides past
to give her gifts herself

3 thoughts on “Gift of Life

  1. What a delicately beautiful poem filled with wishes and love. The sense of passing something on (which is a gift) and not wanting to pass something on (the virus). This is the loveliest piece of writing – not overwhelmed with sentiment but it’s clearly there running through each line.

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