Poetry Marathon Sign Up Extended

Tonight we sent out the first round of acceptances for the 2019 Poetry Marathon! We’re very excited. Over two hundred people will be accepted in the first round.

Instead of offering a last minute secondary sign up period this marathon, we are extending the sign up period to the 15th of June. So the last day to sign up is the 15th of June!

You can sign up here for the full marathon (24 poems in 24 hours, one poem per hour) and the half marathon (12 poems in 12 hours, one poem per hour). All poems must be posted on the blog. This year for the first time the poems can be made private, so that the only people who see your work are other marathoners.

The Poetry Marathon will start at 9 AM ET on June 22cd. Half marathoners can start at 9 AM or 9 PM on June the 22cd.

If you complete the marathon or half marathon you are eligible to submit to The 2019 Poetry Marathon Anthology edited by Jennifer Faylor.

The details of the anthology will be released after the Marathon. To learn more about The Poetry Marathon as a whole go here.

23 thoughts on “Poetry Marathon Sign Up Extended

  1. Wish I knew about this much earlier so that I could have blocked off my work hours on those days ahead of time to be able to commit to writing every hour. Would love to join next year!

  2. I missed being able to sign up. I was moving. I wish everyone luck. I will be following in the group on fb. Hopefully next year I can participate again, 2017 was my first year. Again have fun all and goodluck!

  3. I was supposed to be taking part in a goalball tournament on the 22nd, but my team has had to pull out at the last minute. Sad for the team, but the silver lining for me is that I can now take part in this year’s marathon.

    I’ve sent an email. Please may I join you for the full 24 hours?

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