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  1. We do this
    I am convinced I am not the only one who wakes with a stiff shoulder
    From restless sleep on the bathroom floor
    And a refrain in my head pounding in rhythm with my panicked heart
    I am so sorry
    I am so sorry
    I am so sorry
    I am so sorry
    And I am always convinced I will die
    But it is just the world spinning
    Daring me to prove I really am


    I am the girl next door.

    You watch me everyday, beautiful to behold.
    But you don’t see me.

    We chat about hundreds of insubstantial things.
    But you don’t hear me.

    I am the girl next door.

    Because we are neighbors, you assume I’m just like you.
    But you don’t know me.

    You envy my picture perfect life.
    But you don’t really understand.

    I am the girl next door.

    We’ve shared many an evening’s tea on the front porch.
    You have been to every backyard barbeque I’ve held.

    I am the girl next door.

    We’ve strolled away the springtime in the gardens.
    You’ve walked me to the shining aluminum threshold of my front door.

    I am the girl next door.

    But my home you’ve never entered.
    Do you wonder why?

    My walls are built solid and strong.
    What could be inside?

    I am the girl next door.

    My windows hidden by steel blinds drawn.
    What secrets do they hide?

    The doors always locked, all entrances blocked.
    Does inside see a slant of light?

    I am the girl next door.
    And you’ll never know what I’m capable of.

  3. A wonderful prompt. I did something like this in a poetry class once, so I won’t use it today. But I have revisited that poem and made revisions. That particular professor said that a poem is never finished until it’s published, and then revise it again.

  4. Priceless Gem
    I am the one whom they cherished whole life
    Despite all difficulty they chose to keep me alive
    Only because I am a part of her now
    Who sucks every breath she inhale
    And feeds every nutrient she desired to have.

    I am the one who cannot be left
    Because I am the one who won their heart
    Despite all odds that compelled them to abort
    Because I am the one with down syndrome
    Still they chose to hold me in their hands.

    Crippled I am, completely dependent on them
    Still they never grumbled or give up on me
    Not because they chose to give me life
    But because they felt blessed, as I came in their barren life
    Bending every finger that questioned her barrenness.

  5. Wow so fitting!! The theme or prompt “I Am” is exactly what was assigned to my class and I when I was first introduced to poetry in the 6th grade. Right On Vibe™. Lol thank you for this. Feeling inspired to write another poem

  6. I saw my ex at the filling station yesterday
    Clothed in finery
    His pungent bitterness disguised as Calvin Klein’s scent
    He tried to scorn me into grounded shame….. as usual
    But I stood proudly to let him see what I have become

    I am all woman now
    A beautiful goddess who walks upon earth
    I am fine whiskey
    A comfort to the lonely on a cold journey
    I am good wishes
    An answer to someone’s hope and prayers
    I am cute wisteria
    Lovely and enough for me
    I am earned wisdom
    Life has taught me greatly
    And I am a warrior
    My scars are proudly displayed from battles won

    I tell him
    This is who I am
    And you can never be Calvin Klein

  7. The Dust Speaks
    Our Holy God above is named The Great I Am;
    So, who am I, but bit of dust, to compare to Calvary’s Lamb?
    Truly, I am only dust, given life by Him;
    But what a blessed life I have, as He falls fresh within!

    I am a sorry, sin-filled soul, washed clean by Calvary’s blood–
    The thought of how He suffered, as it flowed just like a flood,
    Is one that makes me stand in awe, almost in disbelief,
    But Love that He showed forth that day, brought dusty souls relief.

    I am sent to tell the world of His great love for us.
    To tell of His forgiveness, of sin that rots and rusts
    The very bone and marrow that make our frame within,
    Then washes us with grace, given undeserved by Him.

    I am a slave to Heaven’s jewel–My Master loves me so!
    I pray there’s nothing He would ever ask, with answer, “No!”
    For just as dust is scattered, when cleaning chores are done,
    He can scatter me wherever sinful souls need won.

    I am a student of His Word; it fills my mind each day.
    To feel Him walk beside me, jolts my step to one with sway.
    To read the Word, and learn of love the Father gives to all,
    I am blessed each day, humbly leading this dust ball.

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