7 thoughts on “Prompt 2, Hour 2

  1. A bit of trouble starting this morning, but here we all are. Good luck to you today. I never got to meet any of you, been a busy few days, but I’m hoping to rectify that as we move along and try to keep each others spirits up.

  2. You ask me if my magic can save you
    And I have to tell you no
    Magic is only for those who believe
    In the power of we

    I cannot conjure something that you will not take to heart
    Wrap your soul around
    And believe can change the world
    It’s not make believe

    Enchant you? I cannot open prisons
    Magic is not the key
    You have the power to do that, not me.
    If you do not believe, how can I fool you?

    Magic is in your sinews and synapses
    If you let it wrap itself in the pulses
    Impulses brought to bear
    Through powers hidden under layers

    Delve deep into the mysteries
    Buried in your frightened mind
    And you will find that magic
    Is only for the brave who believe


    Mysteries surround our lives; a twinkle, a glimpse
    of something new.
    Apart from the way we are taught to see; a fairy’s
    fire – not real, but true.
    Glittering glamours that can’t be explained; where
    logic will not dare to tread.
    Intrinsic knowledge of powers beyond lie in our
    souls, not in our heads.
    Come into the light, come into the fold, and be one
    with the magic of days of old.

  4. Mother’s magic

    That was the day when I was away
    Free I felt, out of bound of parents
    As I spread my wings wide to fly
    Only to find myself in hands of devourers

    Life was very beautiful in my eyes
    Until I submitted myself to wolves
    Who never even realize what they do
    Because a girl is only a thing to use.

    Polluted became my impressions
    As they touched me without my intentions
    Dirty became my feel every moment I dip in that mire
    Only to find myself amidst their gripe.

    Shock struck I lay there
    Wailing in pain unexplainable
    Only because their hunger was to be satisfied
    No matter even if the girl died.

    That was the time I found my love
    Who heard all these without a question
    Standing by my side with his hand on my shoulder
    Saying my magical presence is always here.

    I would have forgotten the goodness forever
    Had he not come to my rescue
    Lending me the shoulder I always needed
    On which I could put my head and forget.

  5. Thunder and lightning clash swords up there
    As healing waters flood from jars onto the grounds below
    Dry and arid as the living souls
    Watch the children dancing and babies whispering
    This can only be magic and a beautiful one at that

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