One thought on “Prompt 22, Hour 22

  1. I love these pictures. (The feather one could have sent me into a sad, sad, sad headspace, so we’ll save that prompt for another day.) Instead! Here is a poem I really needed to write for the fantasy short story I’m composing for this fall! It “goes with” the fourth image of the cave with light. PERFECT! Such a perfect picture for this! Thank you for this image! It perfectly captures “where” the anchor is housed “now” in the fantasy world I’ve got…where the action “now” takes place. TY!

    This post is getting long. I’ll just put the opening stanza here. I’ll post the whole poem over on my page. 🙂

    The Anchor of Jawll
    By Sandy Lender

    In the land of Kida, the king left his bride
    As was custom for family, custom for kin
    He sought the gods’ favor, ‘fore ocean tide
    Could overtake Kida’s outer seawall again

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