6 thoughts on “Prompt 5, Hour 4

  1. (Responding to image 3)

    I lay under the midnight stars
    And dream of a life I have never known.
    I am not sleeping, nor awake
    As the coyotes howl in the distance.
    Their haunting cry echoes the pain in my heart.

    Because I chose the path of loneliness.

    They are summoning, perhaps,
    Another lone heart to share in their sorrow.
    But their union is not a ceremony of mourning.
    It is a celebration of mutual and subtle joy.
    They have found comfort in each other.

    Yet I chose the path of loneliness.

    As the two are remembering together
    The shadows of their lives are forgotten forever.
    The howling dies.

    In the silence of the late summer night, another suffering can be heard.
    The sound of a human heart breaking.

    Because I chose the path of loneliness.

    In reality, the sound is but a memory,
    It’s shrill tone heard only by me.
    Once I loved.

    Still I lie beneath the frozen stars
    And dream of a life that could have been.
    A life of meaning, a life of hope,
    A life of knowing who I am.

    But I chose the path of loneliness.

  2. The best gift

    I lost all that was mine
    Because of a wrong word of mine.

    I never knew my words
    Had such power victorious.

    But it was to be the song of unity
    Which ultimately turned into mourn pity.

    I wanted to come out of this depression
    That has caused my life into recession.

    Amidst them my friend presented
    This floral bouquet divine.

    Made me to clinch to its aroma winsome
    And be shaded in the hue sublime.

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