The 2019 Poetry Marathon Anthology Update

The 2019 Poetry Marathon will be like the 2017 Poetry Marathon in most ways. There will be two half marathon options. We will have volunteer help.

The one difference will be the anthology. In the past I (Caitlin Jans) have done 90% of the work on the anthology with Jacob Jans finalizing the work. This year our hope is to raise enough money to pay an editor to put together the anthology.

The major motivator behind this is that fact that I just don’t have the time to edit the anthology between our kids, my own writing, facilitating the poetry marathon, and my job.

We have never fund-raised for the marathon before and have paid all expenses ourselves, and we will continue to do so, outside of the editor for the anthology.

We are going to start reaching out to possible editors (who will have to be past marathon participants) and figuring out how we will raise the money for the anthology.

The amount of money we will be looking to raise will be around 500 dollars.

If we don’t receive the money to pay the anthology editor in all likelihood we will not go forward with publishing the anthology this year. However we have

If you have any questions or ideas to help fund-raise please send an email to

If you are not familiar with the anthology you can view the 2017 one here.

We are always grateful for your support and participation.

5 thoughts on “The 2019 Poetry Marathon Anthology Update

  1. Hi! I think all that you mention here is more than reasonable–the anthology is a cherry on top of the marathon experience that’s a financial and time expense for the both of you. I don’t know how you feel about this, but I know I personally would be willing to pay a nominal fee to participate in the marathon this year. You could base the fee on the number of past participants, and charge half to the half marathon participants. Alternatively, you could ask up front in the marathon sign up page who would like to have an anthology compiled this year, and then decide from the amount of interest if you want to pursue it.
    As always, thank you for all the hard work you put into this wonderful experience!

  2. Tracy, Thank you so much for your support! We would rather not have the anthology and remain fee free than charge a fee and have an anthology. We really want to be open to all. That said, I think we are making head way on funding and I think there is a clear path forwards.

    1. I fully understand your sentiment, and am really glad to hear you’ve got a good path toward having the anthology after all. Any thoughts on when in June we’re looking at having the marathon? I only ask because Sara and I will be moving our whole family of seven to Indiana in late June and would hate to miss out on it.

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