Update on The 2018 Poetry Marathon

A while back we warned everyone that the future of The Poetry Marathon was uncertain, that we were not sure how we were going to proceed next year, if we were going to not do one in 2018 or if someone else would take on the bulk of the work with Jacob and I providing support and experience.

We had a lot of talented volunteers that wanted to help and take over the work. Many of them seemed fully capable and they may well have done a lot better job than us, but it became clear that narrowing down the candidates and training them would take a lot of work in and of itself.

So the long and the short of it is this – there will be no 2018 Poetry Marathon, and we know this makes many of you sad, and it also makes us sad. But we also know how much support we have from everyone going forward – and that is our plan – to go forward.

The reason we know for sure we will not be able to host or train anyone to take over for us in 2018 is a very exciting one, at least in our minds. Our second child is due May 28th, 2018.To have the marathon take place before than seems insane, and afterwards even more so.

In 2019 (barring the end of the world or other un-forseen developments) there will be a Poetry Marathon, that we run and that looks a lot like the ones that proceeded it.

The only thing we know will change is the anthology. Caitlin will still design the cover but we are going to look for a different editor, someone from within the Poetry Marathon group, someone who has participated in at least one Marathon before, and we will pay that editor.

We will be able to afford to pay this editor because the marathon anthology will be happening dependent on donations. We will set up a gofundme (or some such fundraising site) and set the goal at 500 dollars. That money will go to the editor. We hope everyone will help promote the page and that the anthology will happen because of it. There will still be no fees attached to the marathon. But this seemed like the only way to make the anthology sustainable.

The following year we will try and have someone work on the marathon 50/50 with us, and then that person (or persons, but no more than two) may take over from us, with the mandate to never charge for the marathon, and always keep it international.

Even though there won’t be an official marathon this year, but if you want to run or participate in an unofficial one, you have permission to use the blog, just drop us an email at poets@thepoetrymarathon.com. We won’t be offering much in the way of technical support/ feedback, but we should be able to help with the basics.

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment here or send us an email at poets@thepoetrymarathon.com

22 thoughts on “Update on The 2018 Poetry Marathon

  1. Thank you from all regions of my heart. The Poetry Marathon is one of the catalyts for reignighting my creativity in a time when I needed to do so for literal survival in this body.

    I honor your choice to take a breather. You so deserve it.
    And the only sadness would come if we choose to take a selfish approach to our attachment to things being as we have always known them to be.
    Or we can blow with you as branches of an exquisite willow tree in the winds of collective intention.
    I choose the latter…

    The forward trajectory is clearly thought out and makes perfect sense. I will stand with you to see it roll out however you feel fit to roll out.

    You have given us all so much.

    As I was reading I was wondering if the blog would remain because, wouldn’t it be fascinating to see the die-hards pull ourselves through an unofficial marathon?
    And you offered the idea up.

    If there were people who chose to do so, I will likely be there writing too.

    This is a blessed venture and I see us continuing to hold eachOther through this great turning in evolution–Micro and macro.

    Blessings to you and your family as it grows… I know I am a remote member of your mandala, but I hold you in my heart as members of my chosen family.
    Wild huh? Connections run deep when we let go of the colonized way of relating to space and energy…

    Beauty be.

  2. First of all – CONGRATULATIONS on the incoming addition to your family in May! You have more than enough to focus on in 2018 and being with your family is a precious and important task! June is going to make an amazing older sister! I’m sure the other members of your extended international Poetry Marathon family will be as delighted as I am to hear your wonderful news.

    Your idea to halt the Marathon this year is a sensible and practical option. The Poetry Marathon belongs to the two of you and, as you’ve rightly commented, it would be a huge task to train someone up to cover a 2018 event. Who knows what is ahead for the Poetry Marathon? Whatever your decision may be, you are supported here.

    I’m more than happy to donate to such a good cause; additionally, if I can be of any help on the editing or organising front, please ask. I can supply references from my professional work if needed.

    You’re an amazingly supportive and creative couple and so MANY of us owe you thanks for the creative synergy and friendships you’ve produced through these Poetry Marathons. You’re also parents, too, and you’ve just undergone a huge relocation as well as now readying yourselves for a new addition to your family.

    I’m more than happy to wait. And I’m really delighted with your wonderful news. 2018 is going to be an amazing year! xxx

    1. Anne, thank you so much for this! June is ecstatic to be a big sister and she is busy informing all the strangers in our vicinity about the fact! We would love to have your help and support moving forward and we are so grateful for the energy and light you bring to the marathon every year!

  3. I would be interested in doing an unofficial marathon as I think it helps with creativity since I just got back into writing again last year. If fellow marathoners want to let’s get a date down and do it. Congrats to you and hubby Caitlin on new addition to family. I respect your decision and hope to still be a part of future marathons with you and everyone else.

    1. Thank you! Tanya, I think there are a number of people interested in going forward with an unofficial marathon on the facebook group, so if you are part of that, I think that might be the best way to stay informed.

  4. Bless you Caitlin and Jacob the marathon is a blessing for me I understand your decision and I agree 💯 congratulations on your new addition to the family take great care of yourself and we look forward to 2019 Gods will. All the best.

  5. Congratulations on your coming child! You will loads of rest now, so it’s a good decision.
    In the meantime, who says we all can’t run our own private poetry marathons, individually? Thank you for this enormously inspiring project!

    1. Thank you! I’ve done my own personal poetry marathon and one with a small group of friends, and I got more out of the one with company by a wide margin (and I am generally a bit of a loner), I do think there seems to be an unofficial marathon or two shaping up nicely, that you would be welcome to join.

  6. Thank you for the update and congratulations!!!! I would love to be your editor! I work in an educational agency (school district) and have writings and poems I plan on publishing one day. I am looking to retire soon down the road. I then plan on spending more time focused on writing. I started two years ago with this marathon and firmly believe in and love what you both offer.

  7. Congratulations! And thank you for the model of such thoughtfulness and generosity in your decision-making and sharing. I find these days I am particularly aware and appreciative when I encounter each (and both!).

    Last August was my first marathon and I found it truly powerful and inspirational. I’m a bit lost right now with my own writing and think at times about how supported by and connected with others I felt during those 24 hours and for weeks after. So again, thank you .
    To my fellow marathoners, I’ll just say “count me in!” – whether it’s to participate in an ‘unofficial’ marathon, or to help with any needs that I am able to meet. My tendency is to jump in quickly and to over-commit, so I’ll hold back for now. But, please know I am interested in remaining part of and connected to this group in whatever ways make sense.

    And as a side-bar…I have a simple house on 16 acres in western massachusetts and am thinking about trying to offer some writing, meditation, and personal development retreat (or retreat-like) experiences going here. If anyone has experience with this or is interested in talking about it or getting involved in some way, please email me directly at jill@justjilltoday.com
    Wishing all a happy, healthy, and peaceful new year.

  8. Congratulation Caitlin and Jacob!
    May you have a safe and healthy “stork” delivery. Again, I am sending you much love and happiness to your upcoming bundle of joy. Hugs❤️

  9. Hi Caitlin and Jacob,

    Congratulations on your pending new child. Don’t forget the papagreenbean.blogspot.com for great connections for parenting. You are already top notch!
    I look forward to 2019 and also, perhaps, a FB mini-marathon this year.

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