Updates for Poetry Marathon 2020: Schedule

The sign up period for the 2020 Poetry Marathon will start on June 8th. It will end on the 23rd, and the marathon itself will start at 9 AM ET on the 27th of June and go till 9 AM on 28th. Half marathoners can start at 9 AM ET or 9 PM ET on the 27th.

During the sign up period we will have an easy to fill out form to apply to participate in the marathon. Most of the applications we will approve. We will answer all submissions in two waves (so probably on the 16th and the 24th and we will help orientate people during these periods. It is important everyone makes sure their login works before the marathon starts.

We are so happy to host again this year and we wish everyone the best of luck!

7 thoughts on “Updates for Poetry Marathon 2020: Schedule

  1. I’d moved away from my poetry to write my memoir. The stress of isolation, increased anxieties and depression should lessen as my innermost thoughts and feelings flow from mind to screen, or page as it were.
    Good luck everyone!

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