MARK 12:28-34 – Hour 14

MARK 12:28-34

“Reality outruns apprehension,” — Herman Melville


Your mother teaches what her mother taught

So McKenna quotes Melville and that itself is the interior

When I say these words to you— mother, father, teacher, God

I do not know what I mean

I know what I know, and I cannot

know what you know

so even in language we share only the ground beneath us

and even that reference shifts as we point at it


So I cannot know what you taste 

but I can be made to know your nourishment

So I cannot know what you see

but I can be made to know your delight


Or we can yet reduce even further

down to one long-form metaphor

and speak of the human infant yet to be born

rapidly differentiating each of their parts

bones, muscles, veins, each with purpose


the very last installation comes just before the big moment

when the nervous system connects together each of these parts

and teaches them to share their secrets with one another

for the greatest good of the whole being


Each of us is home to a million billion microbes.

Do you think they know they’re neighbors?

Do you think they go to war?

That must be, after all, what doctors are for.


Your difficult neighbors are a gift from God, my love.
What good is a vow without a challenge?


Macro = micro

my body or your body 

sacred as the body we share

one holy mind nurturing infinite consciousness

connected in an eternal net

one totality of heartmind soil

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