No more, Doctor, No more! | Surya T | Poetry Marathon Poem 1

Another season starts soon
your last before you regenerate
you escaping death to survive
a gamble on what you’ll end up with

Not again, Doctor, Not again
My heart is not strong enough
To say goodbye to you once more
I don’t think I can see you die

You can do so much more
Be more than what you were
Helping me cope with reality
Escaping in your Time-Space machine

You haven’t lived long enough
yet you filled my whole life with adventure
Please don’t go, Doctor, please,
It’s not time for that yet

In times of despair and darkness
I turn to you for solace and comfort
now, it’s your time to go
and I feel abandoned, lost, and lonely

Why must you go, doctor?
Why can’t you stay here with me?
We can go on adventures together
roam the entire universe

Play with the space dust on Alpha Centauri
work on the fields of Gallifrey
setup a base for safety of Earth
watch the evolution of humankind

We can do so much more, doctor
So much more
But this is what we get
And it’s not fair

We can do so much more, doctor
Yet our time is limited
I can’t do this anymore, Doctor
Please, don’t go, Doctor!

-Surya T

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