#17- L (I) FE FOR A/N L (I) FE

Tragedy always celebrated,

In all forms of art,

Pain glorified,

Accepting with open arms.

The fuel behind the artist,

Bringing the art in them to life,

Lives of real people,

In exchange for the life of art.

But what about the tortured,

But still alive,

With no lives to pay,

In exchange for art.

Living a constant double life,

But living in neither places.

In an in-between state,

But at least you’re alive…



BASED ON THE QUOTE: “I stopped thinking about extreme grief as the sole vehicle for great art when the grief started to take people with it. And I get it. The tortured artist is the artist that gets remembered for all time, particularly if they if they either perish or overcome. But the truth is that so many of us are stuck in the middle. So many of us begin tortured and end tortured, with only brief bursts of light in between, and I’d rather have average art and survival than miracles that come at the cost of someone’s life.” – Hanif Abdurraqib

One thought on “#17- L (I) FE FOR A/N L (I) FE

  1. A beautiful and perceptive reworking of this powerful quotation and a really pertinent point well made. We remember those whose suffering defined their art in a blaze of creation, but what about the many who suffer and live in that suffering? An excellent point, well made.

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