#19- Sparkly Grey Sweater

A sparkly grey sweater is who I am most,

Comfortable in the skin I call my own,

Minimalistic colours and smart shades,

With a shine that I carry around with me.

Someone who builds a fort with her books,

And sits inside her pen scratching paper,

Music playing really loud throughout the day,

Occasionally belting out lyrics with the artist.

Someone who sometimes chooses to take up projects,

And pour the whole of my soul into it,

Despises cutting corners or compromising,

The final product having no choice but to reflect my idea.

Someone who takes up too much sometimes,

Making lists and schedules through it all,

Hoping that I’ll find in me the grit to stick to them,

Skipping on sleep and calming myself with shows.

Someone who loves to talk to people,

But still needs to have her own space,

Completely taken by the many ways of social media,

Always trying to find the balance between funny and serious.

Someone who loves animals more than anything else,

Despises judgement more than anything else.

Someone who loves the smell of books and rain,

Whose favourite muse is the ocean and its beautiful shore.

Someone who likes to study rainbows,

Grinning every time she hears thunder.

Someone who names all of her favourite things,

Someone who loves her authors and musicians,

Someone who likes her hair short,

Someone who loves to make a big deal of things.

A person who loves to ask questions,

A person who loves to understand people,

A person who can’t sit in a chair right,

A person who loves to exist loudly!



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