#24 La Fin

Now that this is over

Now that I am done

There are no more excuses

The Marathon I’ve run


Time to stop the snacking

Eating junky foods

My body feels the sugar

And says that it’s no good


There’s still a piece of candy

And several ice cream pops

Some crunchy chips and salsa

Caffeine so I won’t stop


I left alone the Cabernet

Didn’t have a drink

I knew the danger it could cause

Making me not think


It’s time to put away this task

Return to life that’s here

This evening I will eat some kale

And certainly have a beer


Thank you all for listening

I wish you love and peace

Let’s keep the good vibes going

Pray all the pain will cease

2 thoughts on “#24 La Fin

  1. I’m feeling this except for the cabernet. Mine would be Moscato. But you write the truth of the marathoners. I didn’t know I could eat so much sugar and drink all that caffeine. Great poem!

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