Prompt 17 mix tapes

Nowaday every thing is streamed
entering into the matrix
even technology transforms
like headboards to side tables
they are all the same
just new
just different
just allowing us to forget more
allowing us to count on them

One day we may lose it all
everything about us
not backed up
and no one will have numbers saved
and no one will know the name of that song
and no one will know how to press record
or what it means to have your tape ate up
no one will know how to wind it back up

because the goals
keep getting moved on the tech field
and everyone wants to have the new thing
what happens to us then
when the land runs out
when the earth runs out
where will all our data go

2 thoughts on “Prompt 17 mix tapes

  1. Oh, how I loved a mix tape! I thought of it as a beautiful way to share music and a personal message with a friend. I also like the point your poem makes about the forgetfulness of current technologies.

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