Hour 1: The Music is Enough

Hour 1: The Music is Enough


Riding the Coltrane highway through an almost midnight snow,

driving with you

into an inked-out sky laced

with snow, its blanketing white beauty

potentially fatal

when the head is turned.


The dim dashboard lights barely skim

your face in my peripheral vision.

Open closed, your eyes see


other times

other places

their faces


pounding the blacks and blues

out of their souls.

A sigh.

A low hum of appreciation punctuates the night

rhythmic interruptions of my struggle

to translate an aural narrative

played in a language I don’t speak.


Framed by silence between us,

the music is enough.

7 thoughts on “Hour 1: The Music is Enough

    1. Basically, that is the theme. During the drive through a bad snow storm, my passenger was an older African American gentleman (mentor and friend). We were listening to jazz and these were my thoughts as we appreciated the music but coming at it from whole different life experiences.

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