Hour 11: Date Night – The True Story of Yesterday

Hour 11: Date Night


We called for reservations—

a table just for two;

arrived ten minutes early, but

we didn’t have a clue

that the crowd that gathered at the gate

was for 8:30, too!


Fifteen minutes past our time,

I had a little frown.

My tummy started rumbling

as I paced around.

A half an hour later,

we checked in with the host

who confidently told us

“10 more minutes at the most.”


50 minutes later,

I had had enough.

My boyfriend couldn’t stop me

from demanding what was up.

“A glitch in the computer app,”

he’s all apologies,

“It isn’t anybody’s fault

just bad technology.”


Every other party

was seated getting food,

but even with our table cleared,

I wasn’t in the mood

to let this guy quite off the hook

I need to make him squirm.

Being much more honest

is a lesson he should learn.


Looking back on date night,

we really weren’t surprised.

If not for the bad luck we have,

we’d have never realized

all we really need

to get along just fine

is something mostly edible

and a bottle of good wine.

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