Spirit in denial #11

here I am waiting alone
in the shadows trying to get through
can they not see me
make a noise surely they’ll hear it

I’m so tired I have no strength
am I invisible to them
even tried touching them a few times
could they not feel it

I am here they know I am
they’ve bumped into me
all they said was it’s cold in here
I’m sure they see me they’re just pretending

someone just said I died a week ago
are they fooling around I’m right here
I’ve got to stop this
they finally heard my bangs

and still no one will talk to me
all they do is laugh and tell stories
I’ll just keep talking and making noises
one day they’ll see I’m alive

3 thoughts on “Spirit in denial #11

  1. Wow! The feelings of loneliness and invisibility in this poem are profound. I have had moments in my life when I have felt this life as well.
    We all need to be seen and heard and sometimes our voices just don’t seem loud enough. Poetry is such a great vehicle for expressing these feelings. Well done!

    1. Oh my thank you so much. I hadn’t realized the correlation of what you’re saying in this poem and what my fiance and I had been arguing about, it seems he never listens to me. We are paranormal investigators so I tried to incorporate that in this poem, but you’re so right I guess I penned my underlying feelings.

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