Prompt obsolete technology #5

remember bulky wired headphones
my how they have changed
-made you look like
-huge, in the way
-wired, getting tangled with everything
-adapter to work on some things

then, really thin buttt still wired
-really light
-still always getting tangled
-annoying foamy head phone covers

ahhh wireless, now we’re talkin
-recharging box for them wow
-easily lost
-stuff in your ears like cotton

I wonder what they can do from there with headphones
can’t wait to find out or maybe I should be worried.

One thought on “Prompt obsolete technology #5

  1. A great reflection on the evolution of headphones. It seems like we can never invent an all-for-one solution, but hopefully by now each person has one kind of headphone they like using! It would be cool to see people walking down the streets with huge headphones all the time, though, like in the 90s.

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