Prompt- poem involving light #8

lightning bugs, mystical and beautiful
the nights own magical gift
flittering and fluttering all around
lighting your way in the dark

your own piece of tranquility
pitch black with tiny lights flickering about
laying there watching feeling ever so peaceful
how could anything bad touch the world

lightening bugs, glowing and mesmerizing
if only they could stay
but morning comes and they disappear
no fear, the night comes again glowing once more

2 thoughts on “Prompt- poem involving light #8

  1. Nice work. Using lots of verbs kept the message nice and tight. Congratulations too, on your newest daughter and surviving those storms in your earlier life.

  2. Hi Tanya, I love this poem. I especially like the line, “the nights own magical gift.” The second stanza resonates with me, and you have captured the scene and the mood beautifully. Love the last line!! Very nicely done!

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