A Midsummer Day’s Dream

Reference to Morning by Billy Collins

Why lay in bed in anticipation?
The morning has nothing to offer
But sweltering anxiety.

The humidity is a sweaty sore
And the bugs, too many

Get up, make your bed, and get going
Pick out your brightest clothing
24 hours at your service
They have much to offer

The calm, breezy drive to the fields,
A soft, supple peach in hand –
To sustain your morning hunger

A roadside magazine,
The radio seducing you with jazzy hip hop,
A light wedge salad for lunch,

And, a lonesome tree,
Wrapping around the clouds to
Protect you from the sharps rays of the sun.
A pillowy nap dwells on your eyes
And you dream of me
Amongst the wildflowers.

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