Dear Ca$h Money

We never had much as potato farmers in the poor man’s village
But luck, your sibling, gave us a token to turn Lady Fortune’s wheel
With assistance, we escaped poverty but landed in a dreadful world
The middle class, where we all tread forward while you push back

Pizzas, pies, and cakes are divided
So that everyone may get a fair taste
But maybe, I want you all for myself
So that no comfort can get away

Riches are an endless chase but I’ve always been behind
You favor some but your loyalty is to no being
If opportunity is truly abound and for all, then why not me?
Why aren’t I the one sitting poolside in Malibu?

I always have to justify my reasons for being so possessive
You are a motivation, a beacon that guides my determination
I would give it all up, if I could only, experience you for a day
Then I would know the plight of a rich man and feel sorry too

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