Rage Against the Hopeless Romantic

Why sing of love at this hour?
When the big hand is at 4
All I desire is my nightly rest

I’ve worked and walked all day
Yet you stroll in early in the morn’
To sing of your painful suffering

She doesn’t care for your love
Yesterday, I saw her leaving
With another around her arm

Go home and give it a break
Your strings won’t do the trick
No matter what, she isn’t yours

You’ve got to get going
My mind can’t function
Work is already a pain

Pebbles to her window
Are sirens in my ears
Oh, stop this mess now!

If you won’t hush this mess,
I’ll have to give it a try
Maybe I’ll court her tonight

Only then, will you leave me be
If she is with me, then no worries
I’ll be able to sleep a full 8 hrs.

One thought on “Rage Against the Hopeless Romantic

  1. I ll court her tonight…a solution that is also a hot mess in the making! I gave my own ending a second or two and chuckled. I ve done a lot of things for a good night’s sleep in my day. Some i totally regret. And I still long for that deep sleep state. Well done marathoner!

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