Holiday Trip

Holiday Trip

An idea to take a holiday trip
Sprouted in the mind…
Soon things got rolling
Co-travellers check, packing check, tickets check, hotels check
Check, check, check
Last minute items too
Everything is in jeopardy it seemed
The next thing
We know in Rajasthan we are
Absorbed the hospitality, local cuisines, exotic places
A vortex of sight-seeing lapped up our bodies and minds
Local markets ever lively, and gifts are for all
City hopping from Pink City Jaipur, to Ajmer, to Blue City Jodhpur
From Lake City Udaipur to deep deserts of Jaisalmer
The gods of Rajasthan, a lifetime isn’t enough to see
To fill you up whole is the secret promise of the land
The sands of time acted very fast to end our fantasy

Hour 18


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