The gates of Hell are rising
To engulf the diseased Earth.
Moms and Dads are crying,
Babies dead right after birth.
Demons are attacking,
Taking everything they see.
The world around us blacking
As we plunge into the sea.

The life we know is ending
As it suddenly is clear
That evil is impending,
The Devil’s thousand years.
Dirt and stench surround us
As we see what might have been.
Satan, now has found us
The king of wicked men.

Our paths are laid before us,
To the sinners’ realm we go;
To the torture that is for us,
Reserved for human souls.
Eternity, defined here
Is where we’ll spend our days.
The lives we left behind us
Have gone their separate ways.

The fires are getting close now.
I can feel them burn my soul.
For my soul was black with evil,
My sins as black as coal.
The foolish do not heed me
Or mend their wicked ways.
The lambs of God march forward on
Into the fiery blaze.

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