Castle By the Sea

I once dreamt of a castle by the sea

Inhabited by an evil queen.

She locked me up in the tower

where I used to dream of

My knight in shining armor,

Coming to rescue me.

For hours I would peer out of the

Tiny window and let out a sigh

For never did my knight in

Shining armor come to my side.

The evil queen, laughed and

Shouted out a curse,

“Never will you find true love

Never will he appear. You’ll forever

Be lonely and forced to disappear.”

Looking down from the tower, I

Saw a man appear

On a black steed he rode

His head held high

I called down to him,

“Kind sir, Please help me.”

Only he kept riding.

“Sir!” Shouted I once more,

But still he kept going.

I let out a cry, my tears fell

To the ground.

He could not hear my sound.

The evil queen, she began to laugh

At my misfortunes.

“You see my dear,” She called to me

“He cannot hear you, for you are invisible.”

Away she went, her cackle echoed through

My tower. I shan’t cry, I can’t give her power.

Days went by, the snow fell

Ice covered the bars on my tower window.

Silence echoed through my mind.

I heard the hooves of many a steed

Come running towards the castle by the sea.

I cried! I yelled! I shouted! Yet still, no one

Heard me.

My head I hung low, my sobs were all that

I could hear.

The evil queen, once again came to me

And laughed at my pitiful self.

“Once again, you fool,” She bellowed

“No one can hear your cries.” She

Flicked her hair and walked down the

Winding stair, once again her cackle


Alone in my tower I sat on my bed,

Feelings of dread, I longed to be dead.

What good is it to never be heard?

What good can come of never being seen?

Alone I will sit, in my tiny tower

In the castle by the sea

Inhabited by the Evil Queen.



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