Thoughts On Love

I tried to love another

But my love failed

You made me cry

And I

Pushed you away.

Love is the emotion

That I hate to feel most

Of all.

Alone, nestled in my

Thoughts is where I’d

Rather be, not

With another that

Can see the softer side of me.

Love makes me cry, which

I cannot do.

Love makes a fool of me,

One I wish to hide.

Love makes me feel hurt

When I should feel happy inside.

I have to share my thoughts

And my dreams,

Set them aside to please

You, that’s something I

Cannot do

I’d rather be on my own

Than to love another.

Too many of my vulnerabilities exposed

You can see my weaknesses

Always used as weapons to hurt


Why bother with exposing myself

To another?

To watch me cry, to know

What causes me emotional


Lie to me, it never fails

My heart is a magnet to


Push my button to set me off,

It never fails, I would rather

Be on my own than

hurt again.

I am not innocent

In all of this, for it

Was I that gave you

That power over me.

I’d rather be alone

Than relinquish myself to




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