Hour Twenty Three- Feathers


You are like the bird with those countless feathers.

Like the feathers,  life too has countless stories!

Some unrevealed and some like the open book!


You are the bird migrating from barren lands to fluvial waters.

In this expedition of yours, you will seek nothing but parched acres at times,

Where you will quench for thirst and you realize you have to fly anyway!

Life too is like the bird, where you need to make it through the sterile lands to gratify your thirst!


Your feathers are like the countless stories, some unrevealed, and some like the open book!

In this journey of yours, you will shed each feather.

Leaving behind those stories to incarnate new ones.

And while you flew across the meadow, the shepherd found your feather!

He gazed skyward and there was nothing but the summer sky and Fohn Winds,

While you take flight from the corners of this world, you will come across many shepherds finding your feather.

Where they will wonder which bird did this story belong to.

You are the bird with your share of unrevealed tales.

The stranger, like the shepherd, will pick your story.


While you take flight across the skies, may your wings have fortitude.

May your story lift the feet of the dreamer from the ground!

And even though you shed each feather,

May your story remind the dreamer that it is ok to lose a few feathers.

May the shepherd find those feathers,

May the stranger know your story!


-Vidhi Ashar


Note: This poem was written with reference to Prompt 22 which was an image prompt.

4 thoughts on “Hour Twenty Three- Feathers

  1. This poem is incredible beautiful Vidi! I love the metaphor of our stories being like feathers and us like the bird- beautiful! You have a wonderful talent as a storyteller weaving words as metaphors together to create a beautiful and inspiring tale. Well done! My only critique is that somehow, instead of giving the impression that we lose our stories…how about changing it to sharing. I don’t know how you can change this or maybe even add it to indicate that we both share and lose…?

    1. Hey Ingrid:)

      Thank you so much. I am truly pleased with the overwhelming appreciation.
      If you closely observe, the last two lines give away two meanings. We move ahead from stories of the past, but we do not lose it:)
      The line ” May the shepherd find your story”, indicates that someone will know about your story even if you move on.
      And to lose the feather is an indication, that holding onto your past for a long time is not a good idea either.

      So to sum it up is an indication to embrace each story, whether be it harsh or beautiful ones:)
      Thank you for letting me know your point of view. I agree, that sharing and losing is a part and parcel of life:)

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