Hour 23 – Prompt 23 – Drifted apart

Today technology has advanced with
social media ensuring various platforms
are available for interactions, for
reducing the distance that time and
boundaries of countries have created

We have Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram,
Twitter and yet we are not connected
Two decades ago, we had none of these
We had innocence, we had friendship,
we had time and we had intent

Our friendship knew no boundaries
It was pure, filled with support,
trust, laughter, joy at small things,
encouragement when we faltered,
and being there for each other

When, how, and why did we drift apart?
Today, we have our own lives, I
know we have our own joys and sorrows
But, we don’t have each other
I no longer have the right to call

you by the nick name, like I did
when we were children. When we shared
our dreams, somehow we did not realize
that fulfilling those dreams would
be at the cost of our friendship

(c) Vijaya Gowrisankar

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