Hour 24 – Prompt 24 – A relaxed evening

It is 5.30 pm on a breezy Sunday evening
with the branches and leaves of tall trees
dancing outside my window. The air has
a fragrance of moist Earth, lingering
from recent rain shower

People are walking, couples side by side
Children are accompanying their parents,
as they go out. Some elderly people are
sitting on the benches, enjoying the wind
and conversing about life

Many children have gathered in the park and
their shouts can be heard, as they play.
A few on the slides, some on the see-saw,
some playing catch-catch, some playing
badminton and some exchanging Pokemon cards

The sun is obscured by the clouds, given
the rainy season. Daylight will turn to
dusk within an hour. The atmosphere is
relaxed, before the start of work week
tomorrow. And I sit by the window, writing…

(c) Vijaya Gowrisankar

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