#24bis – The magical tree

20150420-164412-434-TheTreasuresTree copyThe magical tree

Calls you

In the night

In the darkest night

Of this winter

Endless winter

In the forest


You recognize instantly

The call of this tree

You know this tree

As if you grew


And somehow

You both did


Grow together,

Even though far away

From each other

For too long

After the war end

Grow together

Closer than brothers


It calls you now

Because it’s time

To give you

All the secrets

You must know

To keep moving on

Your sacred path


It is showing you

Its true face

Its magical nature

And all its powers

To change nature

And the world alike

It calls you and you go



6 thoughts on “#24bis – The magical tree

  1. This is a beautiful topic Vincent. I loved the poem and thought it moved well except for the one stanza that talks about war…I got a little lost here. I loved your personification of the tree calling you-lovely! In particular, I love the last 2 stanzas, “To give you all the secrets that you must know to keep you on your sacred path.” This is a very lovely poem! Great work!

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