Hello from Virginia (Who Happens to Live in Virginia, USA)

Hi, Everyone,

By way of introduction, I have been writing poetry for almost my entire life. I’m 61 and retired from my job as a writer for a pharma company almost two years ago to help care for my husband’s parents, both of whom have now passed on. (I miss them terribly.)

I had a blog, A Light Beyond the Hedge: Poetry and Somewhat Social Commentary for about eight years, but suspended it because of the current political climate in the US. I will bring it back at some point, but for the moment, I’m very excited to be joining the Poetry Marathon. It will be the second time I’ve participated (half-marathon last time and this time, too!) and I’m looking forward to not only seeing what my brain has stored over the last two years but also what my fellow poets will contribute.

To prepare, I’m writing a list of possible themes and a short idea on how to approach each one.

A big thank you to Caitlin and Jacob Jans for hosting this mad effort!!

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