A Little Thing

A Little Thing
Virginia Carraway Stark

It was only a little thing
To put fingers to keyboard
Pen to paper
Such a little thing
To say the things in my head
I never thought they’d mean
So much
To anyone else
And every time
I hear
The magic phrase:
You wrote the words
I needed to hear
Or read
Or say
I’m so happy
I did that little thing
And happier still
I shared it with the world

4 thoughts on “A Little Thing

  1. I feel like it is, I wrote a poem for a year every day for two years in addition to doing poetry marathons and writing additional poems. Every word that dripped from my brain was poetry, I couldn’t stop! Poems are everywhere, life is poetry, it does seem like a ‘little’ thing, but it speaks volumes and sometimes those words are just the words people need to hear at the right time, and then they are a huge thing.

  2. Sometimes little things have big impact. Words in particular have a power to create huge impact. That sense of reading the words you needed to hear, seeing in writing something you couldn’t even express to yourself, that moment is perfectly captured with the lines,

    “You wrote the words,
    I needed to hear”

    It is in these moments that I feel more connected to the people around me, even if we have never met.

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