Hovering There

Hovering There

Before you said I had
To leave this place
I had hoped it would be home
Even though I always knew
That would never be the way
It was meant to be

Because I was a foreigner
But you were out of this world
You were hovering there
In the dead of the night
And I was watching you

This wasn’t at all right
I wished I was a kite
Because you sat below me
I could have caught the breeze
Drifted away through the park
Gotten out of your rank wind

But it didn’t happen that way
And you can’t change history
You told me I had to leave
And at first I said, ‘Okay’
But then I thought you’d gone
I came back

I shouldn’t have done that
The coming back I mean
The warning turned out to be a doozie
One of them there dooms
They’re all the rage
When the rage is on
And the rage is always on

You gotta heed those warnings
Even then it’s not always enough
Even then they still catch you out
Even then they’ll gun for you in the night

They tell you to get out
And shine lights in your face
Hovering in the night
Better listen to them
Boys and girls
There’s nothing else to do

They’re the ones who own this world
Even though they say they’re foreigners here
We’re just taking up space
While we’re waiting to say goodbye
When they say, ‘byebye’
It’s time to run and hide
Drag you to the velvet underground
They’ll take you for a ride

Hovering in the night
And you can’t change history
You told me I had to leave
But I came back
When I knew you were gunning for me

I had a cocky grin
I thought this was my world
Turns out it’s just the porch
to the velvet underground
And all the rest is hell

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