Northern Solstice

Northern Solstice
Virginia Carraway Stark

Crisply glistening under the starlight
Although it was solstice
Skin was white as apple flesh
Naked after shedding her night colored cloak
She shivered under the northern lights
The longest day meant something here
Already the sun was edging its way
Up the rim of the craggy mountains
The glacier fed lake was still as the night
The stars reflected along with their
Siblings, the tinkling spirits of the northern skies
In the water that even now was only above freezing
She strode into the water, as visible as though it were day
Picked out in white silhouette in the light
Of the celestial spheres
Reflected in the cauldron of the mountains
The sharp pebbles pricked her feet
She didn’t notice, they were already numb
She dove under the water
And greeted the spirits of the dark
The lived under the roots of the mountains
Coming up rarely to disturb the high lakes
With their troubles
And watched the brief night
That was solstice in the north
A lonely and short time
Cold, silent and foreboding
As the threat the snow covered peaks
The only other audience
Brought with their specter
The only sound, the lady’s feet
kicking the water
in what remained of the night.

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