Tropical Megacity

Tropical Megacity
Virginia Carraway Stark

Twin Spires pierce the sky
Of the tropical land
Where fountains spring
And the air is filled
With food from dozens of lands
It is a city of green
Birds fill THIS central park
A jungle that is left virgin
In a metropolis wonderland
A zone left for flying
Amidst the sky scrapers
Of a tropical metropolis
Multi-colored birds pierce
The sky with their screams
Their wings beat the air
One and all can agree on one thing:
There’s too much good food
Anyone could get fat!
In this modern mega city
That’s more garden and wonderland
Amidst the wonderland of tall buildings
One would swear are from a future land
Or another planet perhaps
Where people and nature live together
Memories of how close the jungles still is
To what was a primitive sprawl
A different sort of paradise
Not so long ago

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