Waiting, soon

Waiting, soon
Virginia Carraway Stark

On this summer day

the day slowly brightening
from a constenance of gloom
to one of brightness

hope that I’ve cherished
holding swaddled and tight
so that it can’t spread it’s wings
fly away
leaving me bereft

that sweet butterfly has grown
from a dream
to a hope
to a frightening reality

Not everything has to be so hard
even when it becomes clear
that a madman is writing the story of your life

Only then is it safe
to let it fly away safely
my hope born on strong wings
known that My faith is resting strong
Where once I knew only fear
And thought the story of life
Was in the epilogue or over

Now I know
I’m still drying my wings
like that butterfly
free of my chrysalis
but not airborne yet
I hear it in the air
I hear it in the sunbeam
That dries my colorful wings
I hear it in my heart
That we’ll fly away together
Our story is barely begun
I can hardly way
To turn the page
And read our next adventure
So long as we’re together

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