Of Innocence and Consequences (prompt 23)

Probably I could have done something differently.

Can’t we always find a way to blame ourselves?

It’s hard to reconcile when one person is finished

but one is still bound in place by the memories.

They were good memories. Full of life and joy.

Perhaps I made the relationship revolve around me.

That doesn’t mean I didn’t love you.

Perhaps I could have shown it more—though

It always seemed we were happy and secure,

I grieved a long time when you left.

Send in the Clowns was my anthem for years.

But I realize that my destiny can’t be tied to someone

who leaves, or yours to someone who can’t move.

As we’ve discovered since, we can still care,

while knowing that the story we lived is over.

There were lessons to learn, but the long walk

we had together still brings me joy.

I loved those days, those days of innocence and

days of consequence. Sadly, you  reached

the inevitable transition sooner than I did.

I understand. There’s peace in that.


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